Information Seeking Strategies - Determine all possible sources and select the best ones

A+ Research and Writing – Information Search: Learning to Research in the Library -
*The Internet Public Library helps students become skilled researchers in the library and on the Internet.

Basic Library Skills -
*Explanations and instruction on finding information in the library and online. This site from the Dallas City Community College is useable with high school students.

Big6 Web Guide –
*Search strategies and research skills organized in the Big6 framework. Rob Darrow, Library Media Teacher, Clovis Unified, Clovis, CA.

Boolean Machine -
*A simple and interactive explanation to Boolean operations. Kathy Schrock, retired Administrator for Technology, Nauset Public Schools, Cape Cod, MA.

Boolify Project -
*Various games and activities that teach the importance of boolean searching.
Choose the Best Search -

Do We Really Know Dewey? -
*A Thinkquest project by 6th grade students the includes activities to help students learn about the Dewey Decimal System.

Filamentality –
*This web site guides the student through picking a topic, searching the web, gathering information, and turning these into learning activities.

Google Search Education Evangelism -
  • A series of individual lessons to learn the best ways to find the information you need using Google.

A Google Question a Day -
  • Refine your search skills daily with this question a day.

Infopeople’s Search Tools Chart -
*A very useful tip sheet on searching with selected engines and directories.

Infopeople’s Search Engine Quick Guide -
*An excellent tip sheet for searching in four of the most popular search engines.

Multimedia Tour of the Dewey Decimal System (Need Flash plug in) -
*A fun, visual appealing six-step lesson that imparts an understanding of this classification system, and concludes with a quiz.

QUICK: the Quality Information Checklist (K-6) -

Top Search Engines for Kids -

Using the Web for Research -
*A series of lessons that can be adapted to discipline areas which effectively instruct high school students on search tools and techniques, evaluation, and citation. Steve Grant, Library Media Teacher, La Jolla High School, San Diego, CA.

Using the Parts of a Book -
*Basic information on the arrangement and content features of a book with a quiz, and printable worksheet version. The same site also offers similar versions for Using an Index for Information -

Using the Table of Contents - .