(Engage - read, hear, view and extract relevant information, including copyright and plagiarism issues)

Big6 WebGuide –
  • Guides users in how to extract information from digital resources.

The Cornell Note Taking System - This widely used system for taking notes is explained in a straightforward style.

Improving Note Taking with Mind Maps -
  • Describes how mind maps are an effective method of taking notes.

Note Taking Skills -
  • Some general note taking tips from a college web site.

Oral History Guide –
  • This detailed guide on oral interviewing, from the Library of Congress, can be very useful for students.

Copyright and Plagiarism
The Copyright Webquest -
  • A well organized webquest that includes a worksheet, online quiz, and intended for older students and the general audience.

Citation Game -
  • From the University of Washington. Shows different ways to cite sources in a game format.

Copyright Tutorial -
  • A “crash course” in copyright issues for a variety of media from the University of Texas

Cyber Ethics for Kids -
  • The Department of Justice instructs kids in inappropriate actions regarding use of information found on the web.

Plagiarism: What it is and How to Recognize and Avoid it -
  • This site, from Indiana University, is easy to follow and useful for older students.

What is Plagiarism -
  • This site from the creators of provides students with a definition of and ways of preventing plagiarism, and other useful tips.